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Benefits of Washing Your Home's Exterior Annually

Regardless of the type of exterior that is on your home, there are benefits to the preventative maintenance that an annual wash will provide. Curb appeal and longevity are two important things to consider when it comes to one of your largest lifetime investments.

As one of Northeast Michigan's home maintenance professionals, we would be remiss not to inform you of the benefits an annual wash will give your home.

Did You Know...

1. One year's worth of grit, grime, bug droppings, and pollen can reduce the life of your paint and siding, leading to more costly repairs later on?

2. Many mold and mildew issues begin on the exterior so by attacking the problem from the outside before it starts, will prevent the problem from coming inside.

3. First impressions really do count. Giving your home an instant refresh will keep its curb appeal while helping to maintain the value. Costly renovations are not always necessary to give your home a facelift.

Our soft washing process will maintain the structure and integrity of your home's exterior, while effectively washing away the bad stuff. We provide an annual preventative maintenance program for your home that will keep you worry-free, and your home looking it's best year-round.

Contact us for an "always free" estimate. We're here to help.


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