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Heading south for the winter?  Going on an extended vacation?

Our property maintenance services can offer you peace of mind while you're away.  Our skilled and trustworthy professionals will inspect and monitor your home for problems or damages, and coordinate any needed repairs on your behalf.  Our plans are customizable to fit the need of each customer to include services such as:

* Seasonal home inspections

* Storm/ice damage inspections and repairs
* Interior and exterior walk-thru inspections
* Coordinating and/or contracting services for: snow removal, landscaping, cleaning, plumbing, electrical,      and home improvements as requested
A detailed list of areas to inspect will be developed so that each inspection consistently reviews the key areas of your home


Level 1

3 exterior inspections per season; after heavy snow or extreme weather events

Property is checked for:

Downed Trees

Downed Power Lines, TV/Internet Cables,

External Roof Damage

External Ice/Water Damage

Additional services or inspection areas may be added upon request.

Level Up

Level 1 plus:

9 thorough interior and exterior home inspections to take place October through April 

We will coordinate and contract for all trades as needed to maintain the home as provided in this agreement

Trades can be billed and managed through us so you only have one phone call to make to maintain your home

Coordination of all seasonal plumbing and heating maintenance as well as opening and closing as provided in the agreement


Each visit includes a thorough review of the interior and/or exterior. Additional areas, specific to your home, may be added to your agreement

Each agreement can be modified to include additional inspection visits and services depending on your length of stay and needs

Homeowner is contacted with each inspection regarding our findings and arrangements are made for any repairs, if needed.

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